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Bloсkchain revolution in the healthcare

Ukrlogic has been engaged in start-ups since 2011. Starting from 2013, we have been working with different leaders of the pharmaceutical market,creating software products and design materials for them. Being patients ourselves, we accentuated faults of the treating process with doctors and formed solutions that could improve and make the procedure more effective. With the help of our Adviser who has 20 -year work experience in the health care system, we figured out the IT needs of all the participants in the medical sphere. Our team understands the need in International Medical Ecosystem where all participants in the field could efficiently communicate with each other. We believe that we will create a quality product for billions of people to achieve the main goal - Preserve and Improve health.

Problem Overview

Every day, millions of people face different needs in the healthcare system.Which medical institution or doctor to visit? Do the drugs and methods of treatment, prescribed by different doctors, have a decent quality? It is challenging to obtain medical card data quickly,safely and remotely; to promptly convene a council of independent, reputable physicians who could assess the patient's health condition or verify the reliability of diagnoses and treatment regimens. There is no unified international resource where you can see the rating and reviews about a doctor or drug, get doctor's advice in another country.

Today, everyday life is heavily loaded with information flows and household routine, which distracts from the timely use of medications, regular visits to doctors, and the necessary medical procedures. As a result, we do not have time for health which leads to a negative effect on the physical condition.

Medical institutions, doctors, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, equipment, insurance companies interact with each other daily, using different software platforms and tools that are often not fully synchronized with each other, which lack functional modules that are extremely important - necessary for a full-fledged communication and work of all parties in the medical field. This leads to additional costs for IT services to create additional missing modules, and the loss of the most important thing in our lives - time, and for people who need medical care - health.

There are a lot of sources on the Internet where you can find medical information, but there is no centralized one - a unified international portal, with a global structured database of medical journals. There is no clearly organized assemblage point of specialists for exchanging experience with local and foreign colleges in the medical field. The emergence of collective intelligence in an organized, structured and independent system will give us a powerful impetus for expanding opportunities in global health care.


IMES is an International Medical Ecosystem that will allow effective and safe interaction between all sides of the healthcare system.

IMES is a medical platform where each party can find targeted contacts, services, medical products, specialized information. Software tools, blockchain technology, smart contracts will make usage of the system convenient and safe.


Create a new level of communication in the global health system to expand opportunities of preserving and improving health of every planet resident.


  1. To make a universal, structured platform for synchronous and safe operation of the parties in the medical field.
  2. To form unified international quality standards in healthcare.
  3. To raise the level of knowledge and the service quality of the parties in the medical industry.
  4. To bring innovative approaches of prevention and treatment in the healthcare system to the public.
  5. To attract additional earnings for doctors by means of online patient consultations.

To implement the project we will conduct a crowdfunding campaign. We are gathering participants who have interest in the idea of our project. As soon as the project goes public - we will notify everyone who is interested. If you want to become a backer, consultant, adviser, or you have other useful ideas - we will gladly discuss them!

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